oriella paz-maureenHello, this is Oriella Paz-Maureen, founder of the Omega Method,
the high frequency of the magnetic energy.

How would your life look like if you could wake up in the morning with lots of energy and motivation,
to feel confident and find inner peace, and to make the right people and precise opportunities to magnetize into your life?

All of this, and without investing too much time in courses and long procedures,
basically without investing too much time at all.

You have this option in the “Omega Method for magnetism in the highest energetic frequency”.
This is a unique opportunity for you to meet the intensity of the frequencies within yourself,
and use them to magnetize abundance to your life and understand your true power that motivates your success.

Training patients and teachers

A variety of people, from different occupations to age groups, study The Omega method :

  1. People who want tools to use the high frequency on themselves, to improve their lives and help close family members.
  2. Patients who acquire the knowledge of “Omega Healing” for themselves or integrate Omega with other caring methods, faith or consultant.
  3. Group leaders, coaches, teachers and lecturers who are interested in being authorized as teachers,
    and group leaders of this method.

For further information on the authorization of teachers in the Omega Method- Please call.

How Omega integrates with different methods of patient care:

(Taken from an article about the method in the magazine “Haim Aherim” – A printed magazine in Israel.)

“Even though Omega is a tool per se, it integrates wonderfully, even improving every tool you already have.
Hundreds of patients who studied it can testify to this being true and even remark about its high success rate,
with their patients in their clinics.

To this day, over a thousand testimonies of the Omega students have accumulated,
who learned about the method from different areas and statuses in their lives,
and succeeded in making a change in their lives, to magnetize relationships, money, jobs, health etc.

There are also hundreds of patients who testify that their jobs, with the help of Omega,
have been drastically upgraded, and also their patients who experienced the Omega method
have spoken of drastic changes in their lives and the wonders of the therapy that they define as no less than a miracle.

Not only patients learn the method.
A lot of people come to empower, heal and nurture themselves and to magnetize the reality that they want,
in all aspects of their lives.

This is one of Oriella Paz-Maureen’s main messages, who has taught thousands of students nationwide.
“I’m not a guru”, she emphasizes,
“Every one of us is a master of themselves, and I only pass on the knowledge,
which  reminds people who they truly are, and I teach them empowering tools,
which are easily used to help them take personal responsibility in their lives, and to be their own masters.”

You may study the Omega Course from home via our Internet Academy.
The course includes all the meditations in English together with practice notebook.

For more information on the Omega Course,
please contact us – 972-52-5396333
/  omegashefa@gmail.com

Learning disability

The Omega method includes specific tools that help concentration.
This activity takes place in the brain region and helps center and relax you in a systemic manner.

The magnetic energy enters through designated areas of your brains neurological structure,
and starts broadcasting energetic pulses and frequencies which awaken the optimal functioning system.

Simultaneously, your body of emotions is functioning, where usually you can find the source of what’s challenging you,
such as emotional overload, stress, or coping with family or work situations.
All these can influence your ability to focus and concentrate, therefore the Omega method works in a holistic manner,
and focuses on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

Using this method helps children and adults improve their memories, extract information, focus and succeed in tests.

Educators who studied this method (teachers in school), report how the children were calmer and more attentive in class,
once they used the “Omega space”, which influences the energetic climate in the class, home and workplace.

Mazal Orpaz- Corporal psychotherapist, holistic trainer and healer, specializes in the area of attention deficit disorder, heard about Paz-Maureen in an article 11 years ago and learned the entire training course until the master stage.

“Omega is a method of its own, but integrates wonderfully with other methods.
For instance through Omega I can help children (and adults) with ADHD,
who have heightened senses such as hearing and sensation, and this hinders their ability to learn and concentrate. With the help of high frequencies I help them create a sort of shield of the voices that help them concentrate”, she says.

This is a method that is responsible for all four levels, not just energetic, but also the body, thoughts,
feelings and this is its strength.

You may study the Omega Course from home via our Internet Academy.
The course includes all the meditations in English together with practice notebook.

For more information on the Omega Course
please contact us – 972-52-5396333
/  omegashefa@gmail.com


Studying the Omega method

Hello, this is Oriella Paz-Maureen, founder of the Omega method,

This is my big promise to you:

Even if you studied many courses and methods,
With the help of techniques, a process and unique tools that I’ll show you,
You’ll have the knowledge to activate the high energetic frequencies quickly and easily,
in order to magnetize a wondrous reality and make your dreams come true.

If your trade includes treatments, training, consultations or direction, it’s wonderful!

Between the Omega method and other methods there is a wonderful synergy,
and graduates of the method report of self-empowerment with the methods they work with.

The high frequency of the Omega magnets, which you learn and activate using the Omega method,
aids you to take control of your life and take it a step forward, to fulfill, develop, motivate and have lots of energy..

Standard course- Omega method to magnetize high energetic frequency.

This is a course brings you to a powerful magnetism with a high energetic frequency that magnetizes,
accordingly to whoever wants to move up a step in their fulfillment and spiritual development,
to learn how to highly influence their ability to creatively magnetize a reality.

This course isn’t similar to any other course or method you’ve learned in the past.
It involves creating a reality and magnetism, spiritual development, treatments or guided imagery.

In this course I have one specific goal:

To teach you the ability to activate high energetic frequencies,
into your everyday life and to create a balance and improvement in all aspects of you life,
with the help of quick, easy and powerful activation.

The “Omega method” course has a fixed waiting list,
of people from all sorts of areas: patients, trainers and professionals waiting to start their journey.


Omega for success, money, career and mission:

Money? ..It’s possible!

About identity, mission and the money that’s in-between…

As we are teachers, we enjoy being the students of life, therefore as a habit we make an effort to practice and implement the gifts that we teach within courses, conferences and seminars.

One of the subjects we discussed is identity:

With which identity do I conduct myself in the world? What is the existence that is my point of origin?

To not prolong I’ll tell you Marnina’s experience: I chose to commence an identity of success.

This means to think, feel and work as a successful person would do, to be a successful woman. To those who know me as a person who implements her destiny and dreams (which is true), there’s always ways to develop.

24 hours haven’t even passed and I find myself in a reality that mirrors my consciousness. This happened in a meeting with people that I know now for many years during my activity, which I chose to meet them, outside the normal activity. A sort of intuition led us to initiate this meeting.

Turned out that at the meeting the lovely couple experienced a phenomenal quantum jump on an economic level after precisely finding the meaning of their destiny in life.  That said they sat one day with all the tools of awareness that they were given with the years and asked: what is my destiny? And what makes me happy? And what do I do easily? Etc…And suddenly the ball dropped…What brought the precision and awareness of the journey to the goal, and in result of the precision of the magnetism of the situation that we all know as “being the right person in the right place at the right time”.

What an amazing quick reflection of the reality of my consciousness.

We are truly a sort of magnet that “attracts” realities according to the structure of the actual magnet.

Since the meeting I am simply delighted! I have this kind of joy! How wonderful! They did it, in a way that is so conscious, so deep, and so lovely! This meeting is inspirational. “Miracles happen!” they exclaimed, and there is nobody like them with more experience.

And how do we create miracles?..

Ahh..that’s a good question.

I’m sure that some of you are reading this and murmuring something about those people that have luck and others that don’t, and where you are in comparison.

However the question I asked: “how do you create miracles?” here is the answer:

With our ability to create miracles, we can make them happen.
This requires us to choose a different identity. A new existence.
An identity of despair, frustration, a loser- doesn’t bring results of success and prosperity.

Think about it..

Let’s adopt new characteristics. There’s a sale! In fact- it’s free!

A new identity in relationships (“Am I attentive and loving?” or “Do I love and am I loved?”,
or “Am I flexible and go with the flow?”)
A new identity at work/career/business (for instance: “I’m a successful person”, “I’m generous”, or: “Do I participate?”)
A new identity with my health (“I’m healthy!”, “I’m an active person”, “I’m a person with a toned body”)
A new identity as parents (“I am mother who is giving/empowering/allowing/flowing/easy-going/attentive”, “I am a father who is devoted/fun/attentive/flowing”…)
An identity is also as neighbors, friends, and a part of the community…it’s endless and fascinating.

The beauty is that you can change identities (of course that doesn’t mean you should have split identities/personalities) that said, every time connect to a different characteristic. Transform..grow..be a better person!

Wow..what a celebration!

With all the deliberation, I suggest to focus one or two identities, and for a period of time.

Let yourself have the time to absorb, time to change, and time to rest. It’s time to magnetize a wondrous reality in accordance to your inner consciousness. Remember you can always expand and empower your current identity.

This way or another, the most important thing is to enjoy!

Career, employment direction and destiny

The work with high frequencies of magnetic energy aid graduates of the method to find their destiny and employment direction that matches their highest potential. This is a process of connecting to your soul and the contract to your soul, remembering who we are and what we came to do, and the direction of the GPS of our life. The method has lots of testimonies of the graduates that succeeded with the method to broaden their current business activity, create economic wellbeing and abundance, succeed at job interviews, get a promotion, and find or to accurately realize their employment direction.

Success and money:

There are specific tools in the Omega method, that by using them you can work on improving your current financial situation and creating an economic well-being, abundance and prosperity. Graduates who succeed to create a new reality in their lives, succeed because of these 2 main components in the method:

  1. When studying the high energetic magnetic frequencies, you learn the way they work and the way to create a “magnetic” powerful field, and attracting opportunities to succeed in your personal life.
  2. The four actions of existence: physical, emotional, mental and energetic.
  3. The golden triangle of Omega to magnetize your reality, including powerful tools:
  4. Freeing behavior (like fear of success or failure, low self-confidence, illusions and being unrealistic, dispersing, beliefs that limit you in life, and inhibiting habits)
  5. Creating a reality- by energetic structures and specific tools of the method
  6. Your direction in life and specific decisions- by professional guidance of the energy of the magnet to all the different facets in life. The process creates coordination between your personal desires to the “higher” desires, the contract to the soul. When coordination between the two is created, a positive magnetic field is made to attract a desirable reality.

Talia Frankel, a therapist in the Omega method combining other methods: “For instance I had a patient, for an energetic therapy, that included working with Omega for self-fulfillment, while connecting to the soul that will help her implement her higher destiny. Two days after there was a miracle, she got a job position she wanted for years, and right after the treatment she got the good news and started working there.”


Karen Marcus- works at a large high tech company, started learning Omega 8 years ago, learned all the stages until the master, without wanted to treat others but only for herself, and succeeded to magnetize her life, money, relationships, career and even pregnancy.

“Omega is a very powerful tool, just like connecting to an electrical switch. I used and still use it to magnetize different things, mainly the house that I live in today. When I bought it I had only twenty thousand dollars and I took out many loans, a few hundred thousand, and my objective was to pay everything off in two years.

I started magnetizing my money, and in two years I raised the money to pay off all my debt. It started with a very big bonus I got at work, good investments in the stock market and compensation for dismissal that payed off all my loans, and since then I magnetized an even better job, with better conditions and compensation, that fits me perfectly.

Turns out that you can succeed in high tech.

Omega encounters every aspect of my life. It’s a way of life that teaches you to live in the intention of “yes”, to live free of restrictions, instead of where do things come from, know they’ll come and in the best way possible”, she says.

Magnetizing relationships: How to magnetize happy relationships and a wedding?

The Omega method gives you unique tools to magnetize relationships and a wedding. The method is also known as a way to improve existing romantic, familial and work relationships.

“What is love?

Trying to define something akin to your experience

To define the divinity.

Don’t define love. Let it just be and rest in your heart”

Oriella Paz-Maureen:

Dedicated with love to everyone who wants to create relationships in your lives.

After 13 years of marriage I found myself at the age of 35 divorced with two daughters to raise. My life turned upside down. Turned into a life I didn’t recognize.  

If I knew ahead of time what my life would be like today and how much it would change, I’m convinced I would still be writing to you as a divorcee.

In 2000 I was able to create in my life a new romantic relationship, that turned into a second marriage. At that time I already knew the secrets of magnetizing that allows you to attract your deepest desires into your everyday life.

What is magnetism?

Magnetism is an integrated activity, which we can implement into all factors of our lives (relationships, prosperity, career, health, studies) and its purpose: to create a new desired reality and to flow into our path in life with more ease, happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

I chose to share with you a few tips from this method, and this time- how to magnetize romantic relationships.

  1. Creating a space to create a relationship

Just like getting ready for a party or an important event, we need to create the right space that will turn the event into a success. Creating a relationship in your life requires you to “create the space” with the intent of creating a new loving relationship in your life.

This statement might seem obvious, but if you do some soul searching you’ll see that there are sometimes an array of reasons why we shouldn’t change our current situation: maybe I’m comfortable living my independent life, without taking into account another person and their habits? Maybe I want a more no strings attached relationship? Is a relationship threatening or scary because of a past relationship, and you don’t want to create a new relationship just be hurt like you did in the past? Is there a past relationship that you haven’t gotten over and makes you unemotionally available to new relationships?

Ask yourself: Am I currently interested in a new romantic relationship? Yearn for one? Available in every aspect?

With time, I decided that I very much want to magnetize a relationship into my life.

 I still have some internal things to work out and I’m not available to create a new relationship in my life. You create the space for a relationship if and only you recognize the deep need to create it in your life. You must be sound with your choice.

  1. The emotional gym

Getting the space ready requires you to acknowledge your romantic relationship history. When I decided to magnetize a new relationship into my life, I knew that patterns and difficulties we encounter in one relationship- could return in new relationships, but only if we make a conscious job of changing aspects in our systems (we can only change ourselves).

I didn’t feel like repeating the same script. I decided to get professional help, to observe, work and change. Sometimes we have unconscious obstructions in our relationships that prevent us from opening up to love and new relationships. Usually it’s connected to our childhood and previous experiences. They are mostly “bugs” that aren’t revealed to us but nevertheless they control our lives.

Even today when I instruct people in magnetizing seminars or guide them in personal meetings to help them make changes in their lives, I still work on my “blind spot” when I’m being guided at somebody else’s clinic. Remember: even the most professional masseuse can’t massage her own back. We never see our own mistakes.

Make sure to care for your inner self. Your inner beauty shines out to your external beauty, and makes you more attractive to your potential partner. You are ready to magnetize relationships and love when you are available and open to such, ready to invest in yourself, not only on your body, but on your inner self and your mental being.

Without the conscious processes, you are most likely to return to the same situation that brought on your current non-relationship reality. Make an effort to train the muscles of your inner system and get them in shape so you can fulfill your own demands. A good trainer, well known with the aspects of magnetism and emotional training, can help you get quickly and professionally to achieving your purpose.

  1. Broadcasting your charming magnetism

It begins from understanding that your current reality is in result of your vibrations. You broadcast every second, even if you aren’t aware, the frequency of your system, just as a cellphone radiates its own frequency to its surrounding.

You are an extraordinary magnet, vibrating with your own frequency. According to the quality of your inner magnet- you attract and magnetize an external reality. Did you notice that when you’re in the early stages of a new relationship, other people flirt with you? When we love and are loved- our vibrations change. Therefore other people are attracted to you when you have are in a new relationship.

The meaning of this is that if you aren’t currently in a relationship, then your system isn’t set to the broadcasting station of magnetizing relationships. When you start vibrating and turn on this station, you create a new relationship in your life. How do we turn on this magnetizing broadcasting station?

In order to broadcast your charming magnetism, you need to be consciously aware that you have a harmonious, loving, caring relationship. Not only in your thoughts, but as a conscious understanding. Just as it’s obvious what your name is and where you live- it should be obvious that you have a relationship in your life.

Most of us, most of the time, are busy with what we don’t have. We feel we fell victim to circumstances. We ask: “Why is this happening/not happening?”, and then we magnetize “I don’t have” accordingly. What we broadcast is exactly what we get in return. Learn to choose your inner conscious.

Pay attention, this information needs to be carried out inside you, mostly if it isn’t carried out in your physical reality. This process needs to take place without relying on your own personalized list of data. Your list is irrelevant. Put aside sentences of distrust. If I was busy with the question of: “Who wants a 35 year old with 2 grown daughters?”, I wouldn’t have found my magnetic frequency. On the contrary, it was obvious to me that I have a partner!

Every one of you at this moment has a partner. With time you will also meet them. Believe me? When you envelop yourself in love, others are attracted to you, because you are “lovely”. You are opening yourself to being magnetized to love.

When you allow yourself to entertain the idea that you currently have a partner, your energy changes. You turn radiant. You broadcast love and feel loved. This is precisely what attracts a new reality that is compatible to the frequency of your partner. Be in loving, warm and caring relationship in your conscious.

This is how I magnetized my partner into my life. I call it the “I have consciousness”, I completely entertained the knowledge that I have a partner: I imagined him at his job while I was at mine, taking a shower, sleeping beside me in bed, and working out at this precise moment at the gym. I felt enveloped in his love constantly. Within a month we met, and since then we’re together in a relationship encompassed in love. It turned out that he magnetized me within 24 hours into his life according to the rules of the method.

Oriella magnetized a husband to her life.

These days I guide a patient that came to me a few months ago, a 35 year old unmarried woman, working in the high tech industry, unable to create a relationship.

Today, after a long process in which she learned the rules of magnetizing and implemented many developments in magnetism, she found her life partner. Today she’s pregnant, planning her engagement party and renovating their dream house. It simply works.

To finish, always remember in order to change- you need to make a change.

If to this day you used tools that are familiar to you, and you still haven’t been able to magnetize a relationship to your life, maybe it’s time to be open to something new. Learn the rules to magnetize your reality, change your way of thinking, change the way your react or do things, and work out in the emotional gym.

It’s possible!




You may study the Omega Course from homa via our Internet Academy.
The course includes all the meditations in English together with practice notebook.

For more information on the Omega Course
please contact us – 972-52-5396333
/  omegashefa@gmail.com


Omega for fertility, pregnancy and labor

How to create a successful pregnancy and an easy birth

According to testimonies from graduates of the method and patients, the Omega method aids fertility and labor. The method aids in solving fertility difficulties and identifying the core of fertility problems, menstrual pain or an irregular menstrual cycle, infections, mental or emotional blocks, stress, aiding in making patient care decisions and/or choosing the right doctor and specialist, aiding midwives/nurses, dissolving cysts and IVF treatments.

Today there is more awareness to the importance of alternative medicine and its help in solving challenges in fertility, and even pharmacies incorporate an array of treatments of this variety.

Just like conventional medicine aids us, it has its own restrictions, and many times the solution is through alternative ways.

One of the characteristics of alternative methods (including the Omega method specifically) is the all-inclusive treatment for women. Our body isn’t a single thing; it involves a psychological stress process, faith, mental blocks, and challenges that women go through involving their body which involves more guidance and support than the treatment itself.

You aren’t only your body

The Omega method treats your connection to your body, allows you to release fear, stress and anxiety, and gives you tools that with them you can deal better with let downs and bitter disappointment of treatments that didn’t succeed, waiting to get results for tests, and tools that allow you to be more easily empowered and resilient to tests and medical procedures.

You need to understand that when there is a challenge of getting pregnant, your emotion system is a part of it and you need to confront it. Many women deal with a detachment from their bodies, fright,  low self-confidence at being a good mother, concern for repeating the same mistakes your mother made when you were a child, scared of the changes in your body that you have no control of, childbirth and more.

The Omega method sees the entire process of turning you into a wonderful mother.

In the Omega method there are many special tools to treat the physiological aspects in precise ways such as your ability to treat cysts, viruses and problems in your fallopian tubes or endometrium.

With the help of the Omega treatment you can release and soften your womb and all the other organs that are part of the fertility process, in order to create an energetic surrounding that is soft and open to a pregnancy.

The method focuses on energetic blocks in the womb that are created because of a trauma the woman went through in the past, which in turn makes the womb “angry”. These are aspects that are connected to your emotions and the stress that is created during the treatment process and without releasing these emotions, the system isn’t able to calm down and absorb a pregnancy.

 Independent treatment or go to a specialist?

The Omega method gives you tools to release emotional stress, already in the basic course called the “Classic Omega” course which is two and a half days long. Thanks to a treatment from the graduates of the method, you can come to a sort of calmness and balance.

The advantage of studying the basic course is the ability to activate the higher frequency of Omega every morning to charge yourself with lots of energy and help yourself during medical procedures and emotional challenges in two days, without relying on treatments.

With that a therapist in the method can aid you in your process by using advance tools of the method that relate to our body-soul, and aid you in the process of getting pregnant and the birth itself (there is a special tool to help women giving birth more easily from far away).

You can combine independent study, at least the base that allows balance, lowering stress and magnetizing your optimal reality with ongoing treatment and support from a graduate of the method.

It is important to note that there is an array of therapists and methods to achieve your goal and at the end of the day every woman chooses the path she desires, and each is blessed.

One of the advantages of the Omega method is the tools that allow you to reach a feeling of calmness quickly, and empower yourself towards every treatment or multiple treatments, pregnancy and birth.

Another suggestion to help yourself is to combine a mini course- “The fruit of love”- that includes expressions in guided imagery, which focus on the subject of fertility and easy childbirth, studying wonderful tools of the Omega method which you can use during the two days and within minutes feel balanced, calm and to magnetize patients and patient care which is specific to you.

Hello dear Oriella!

When I studied Omega with you I had an annual pap smear check. My gynecologist found a cyst in my womb, and asked me to come back after two weeks for a check-up.

I put myself through the treatment of the Omega method and I went to the check-up. The doctor asked me why I came because I had nothing in my womb, I told him: “You said to come back because I had a cyst”, he was shocked, checked his list and saw there was indeed a cyst. He smiled and said: “It’s not there anymore.” I went home happy and thanked Omega. Thank you Oriella because there is no doubt it happened because of the method you developed, Ilana Kote.


“I never had a regular menstrual cycle and my doctor when I was 17 recommended to start taking birth control to regulate my cycle. From the age of 17 until 25 I took birth control but the moment I stopped- I didn’t get my period.

For almost a year and a half I didn’t get my period- at all!!! I started meditating (with the help of the Omega energy) where I focused on getting my period and after 21 days exactly I got my period!

I emphasize the 21 days because it shows that the day I connected to the Omega- the same day my period started. Amazing!”



The days I would get my monthly period I suffered from terrible pain, I use the Omega method, with elements that I was taught in the course, and every month I have a little less pain J


Dear Oriella,

I magnetized my son with lots of magnetism!

Thank you!! Ilanit A.


“A month after I started the Omega method for fertility I got pregnant”- S.L


Omega for your health

How do the high energetic frequencies influence our health and therapy?

Here is the Omega method for your health

In the Omega method you work with high magnetic energetic frequencies that allow balance, increasing the amount of energy you have and healing.

Graduates of the method use this high frequency and its tools on themselves or on close family members and the patients and caretakers report on a faster and easier recovery, support and guidance of complicated treatment, less pain and symptoms, preventing diseases, improving current health, support with the fertility and the birth process, miracle like healing.

The method is a success in many health aspects and accelerating the healing process and helping other aspects of people’s life such as relationships, careers, financial status or improving learning disabilities because you learn powerful tools in the method to magnetize and create a reality with the help of energetic magnetic frequencies.

How does it work?

Each person directs their energy, or on a patient of the method that learned the Omega healing methods that are simple and easily used.

When using it independently, or on another patient, the person goes through a process of connecting to the frequencies during the method’s course and learns the elements, methods, techniques and tools to help heal a patient, which he uses with the help of his thoughts and listening to meditations and guided imagery where you can broadcast the frequencies.

Many patients and trainers combine the learning process of the method with other methods and report a drastic improvement with the patient. The synergy of the Omega method and other methods is higher than any other method for combined strength. The combination of other methods is also self-empowering.

Because the energy is so powerful, there are many people who feel it inside their body, with symptoms such as an electric current flow, tingling, hot flashes, serenity or easily accepting messages and insight of your soul.

The Omega method teaches you how to direct your magnetic energy to balance your important systems and to focus on specific health issues.

Box of tools by the method

When directing the energy, the patient or the person that is activating the energy, uses a box of powerful tools that work on four different layers:

*The psychical layer- balance, openness, healing and treating the organ or specific area in the body and balancing it out.

*The emotional, mental and energetic layer- situations of imbalance in your body is a result of an imbalance in your system, emotions, thoughts and our energetic field.

With the direction of the energy and with the help of specific tools of the method, the magnetizing energy enters your emotional system and your mental and energetic layer and begins to improve your balance and healing. This process supports your body in healing and awakens the “intelligent body” which is known to heal itself.

Many times people who learn the method or are treated with “Omega healing” report on feeling this high frequency magnetic energy in their body via hot cold sensation, tingling, dizziness and pains that disappeared once they started using the method in the areas that needed to be treated.

In the healing process from chronic or autoimmune diseases, it is highly recommended that the patient learns how to heal himself with the help of the Omega method because even if a trainer helps him it is important for his everyday life to save the high frequency which supports the healing process.

Success stories of healing using the Omega method

After discovering I have pancreatic cancer three years ago I went through a pancreaticoduodenectomy, which is a big surgery where you remove a part of the digestive system. Afterwards I felt every now and then problems with my digestive system, mainly diarrhea. Lately I noticed that since my connection to Omega, my digestive system works a lot better without any problems. So much fun!

During stressful periods I get urinary infections.  Usually when it starts it quickly develops and I need to take antibiotics. 10 days ago if felt it start and I used the healing tools of the method in a creative way. I did 3 treatments, 10 minutes each. It simply worked. So much fun! Orna Katz


Hello dear Oriella!

When I studied Omega with you I had an annual pap smear check. My gynecologist found a cyst in my womb, and asked me to come back after two weeks for a check-up.

I put myself through the treatment of the Omega method and I went to the check-up. The doctor asked me why I came because I had nothing in my womb, I told him: “You said to come back because I had a cyst”, he was shocked, checked his list and saw there was indeed a cyst. He smiled and said: “It’s not there anymore.” I went home happy and thanked Omega. Thank you Oriella because there is no doubt it happened because of the method you developed, Ilana Kote.


Hi Oriella, here are a few stories I remember:

  1. A few years ago I traveled to Turkey. When I arrived I started feeling pain in my wrist that only worsened and radiated pain towards my elbow. I panicked that my weekend was ruined because I didn’t want to go to a doctor in Turkey.

Then I remembered that I have an incredible tool that I have nothing to lose if I try it. I sat down and activated the Omega on my wrist when I asked my friends to simply ignore me and give me my space.

I activated the treatment for about 20 minutes, while using multiple tools from the method.

After 3 hours the pain simply vanished and I got back to my trip.

  1. I once treated my daughter who was sick with a high fever and throat infection with the Omega method and within two days the infection completely disappeared.
  2. I treated my mother from far away when she had cancer. When she was in great pains the treatment allowed her to fall into a deep and peaceful sleep and she felt warmness throughout her entire back.
  3. A few months ago I treated a neighbor who had an infection in her shoulder without the ability to move or lay down without pain. At the time of the treatment she fell asleep for a few hours and when she woke up the pain completely disappeared.
  4. I treat patients on a daily basis with Omega and it brings me to a higher, brighter, faster, and more creative frequency, and allows me to magnetize problems within seconds. Whenever I am in an emotional turmoil, the method brings me great ease and serenity.

With great love Nasia


Hi, my mother had a very acute sort of leukemia for people from the age of 72-78. Before the tests she was in a very advanced stage of the cancer and there wasn’t much they could do, but after a very healthy led life (vegetarian/vegan and lots of exercise), guided imagery and thirty years of swimming- we did a week of chemotherapy and they found out when she was in solitary confinement that she had no immune system (a treatment that you would do for younger people and one that didn’t succeed)

A year later (7.2012) and to this day I learn with the master Oriella and I was exposed to new information and tools that I have used on my mother.

With time her condition improved, her weekly tests and treatments, blood transfusions and thrombocytes lessened and her quality of life improved and today she walks every day and bakes cakes and says her quality of life has indeed improved (as a polish woman she knocks on wood so it won’t happen again).

I forgot to note that since she was sick until the day I sent her “healing from afar” two years and a half years have passed and her spiritual, health and mental state has improved in a way that she can function on a daily basis if its showers, getting dressed, eating, reading etc.

I must note that in the past few months I stopped sending her energy and told myself that she’ll decide if she wants to receive more and we’ll see if it’ll help- her condition has worsened, in tests and psychical elements such as pains.

With great appreciation to Oriella and your amazing abilities that you chose to share and teach,

Love Avital Golan Yahel-Ed


My respiratory problems completely vanished when I was still in the Omega course. I suffered from it for sixth months and nothing helped…only Omega was able to release my breath.

During my monthly cycle I suffered terrible pains. I use the great eight and the eight medallions of Omega and the pain diminished every month J

  1. Yichaki


Dear Oriella this is my daughters story: She had swine flu during the latest epidemic. She had a very high fever, around 39 +. The second day of her illness, she complained of strong headaches. The options were: her disease caused meningitis (one of the symptoms), side effects of her medication (a well-known fact) or just any other headache. At a check-up they couldn’t make out what was the cause of the headache and since it was late (midnight) I decided to take care of her at home.

I didn’t find a reason to take her to the emergency room: at that time at night there are only people who are on mandatory duty, and they won’t start a procedure until the morning. I gave her Nurofen and sat beside her (even though she was highly contagious). I treated her for hours with the Omega method (she agreed) and she calmed down and fell asleep.

I kept on treating her for a while until I started to grow weary. In the morning, she opened her eyes (at around 5 in the morning) and said that her headache disappeared and her fever broke (this is during the second and third day of her illness and is very unlikely so early in the disease, her friends who were also sick had a fever for 4 more days) and I didn’t catch her fever.

Indeed this is an unusual case; both my daughter and I remember that day. Only when she was healthy, did I tell her how panicked I was, but I always believed that Omega would succeed. Thank you for the gift that Omega is.

Dr. Yehudit Shaham Ole


Hello Oriella, two examples among many:

*A teenager didn’t feel well at a trip as a result of dehydration or sunstroke. He was treated using Omega far away, felt better and continued the trip.

*A girl was hospitalized because of a bacterial infection, and was treated with Omega from far away. During the treatment the infection was successfully treated and her condition improved. The parents were told about differences in the coming two days with the way the girl would be treated because her emotional state was connected to the infection.

Good luck! Yael Hadas Naman Sapir


Hello dear Oriella,

A description of a treatment I did for my friend:

My friend S’ came to me and asked for Omega healing, after she heard about Omega from me.

At 17.12 we met up to start the treatment.

She didn’t tell me about any physical problems she had, only that she’s debating about where to live and her career path.

S’ received information about her personal development- to draw, work with children through drawing and mainly to start drawing or study a course about drawing.

During the treatment S’ indeed said that she has edematous that causes venous insufficiency and that she is interested in changing her eating habit and lose weight.

The second meeting was on the 2.1.14

S’ told me she signed up for a mandala drawing course, and made major changes in her eating habits.

In the treatment a “catheterization” was done on her feet with one of the powerful tools of Omega.

A week later S’ came to me excited and told me her edematous completely disappeared!

It was an exciting confirmation of the power of the energy of Omega.

Thank you and good Sabbath,



Thank you.

Miracles happen, especially with my son Alon.

In the past two years he had serious behavioral problems, and it came to a point that he left school because he refused to go there, didn’t have any friends, didn’t gain any weight for a full year, and had tantrums about every little thing. We were desperate, on the brink of medicating him.

Since I have Omega, I use it almost every morning (from far away) and activate it on his class, his location and the entire area of the school.

He’s able to go on a regular basis to school, taught two lesson in History to his class, gaining weight, making friends, and even when he fought with a friend and got detention he apologized and continued the day without running back home!!

He function nicely, gets along, is calm and participates.

It was so hard to imagine him being in such good shape four months ago.

I believe that the energy of Omega was the most influential in this process.

I’m thankful and happy…

Thank you, A.


I have a very interesting story about a women named Ronit that lost her eyesight and after meeting her I decided to treat her with the Omega method and she regained her eyesight.

The details:

I met Ronit on a weekend for graduates of Omega in a kibutz called Ein-Gedi. Ronit told me her personal story, how she lost her eyesight, and asked me to treat her. I treated Ronit and saw that she was reacting nicely. At the end of the weekend, we exchanged numbers and parted ways.

At the end of her fifth treatment I asked Ronit what she experienced during the treatment and she said: “I saw a white silk like cloth, cleaning my right eye, from the inside and outside, and afterwards the white silk like cloth moved to my left eye and cleaned it from the inside and outside until my eyes were clean and shining.”

-The description that Ronit described is exactly what I saw when I treated her. When Ronit described to me what she saw all the hairs on my body stood up. We made plans for our next meeting for two days later and I asked Ronit that we push the meeting by one day because I had to work and Ronit agreed.

The day of the meeting, Ronit called me in the morning when I was on my way to a customer and asked that I urgently meet her because she has to see me and because I couldn’t I referred her to Raniel (Ronit met Raniel on the weekend to Ein-Gedi) and she met him.

After several minutes of talking, Ronit gained her eyesight. The moment it happened I felt something in my body and when I finished working I went to Ronit and when she opened the door I said: “You can see” and she asked excitingly with tears in her eyes: “How did you know?” and I told her what I felt that morning in my body and the moment I finished working I felt I needed to see her.

Another story of an Omega treatment that I did with you in Kriyat Ono, during the treatment our halo’s were photographed: I treated a girl in Jerusalem and when I started treating her all her chakras weren’t balanced and after the treatment they were. I was curious to see pictures of her and turns out that what I saw in the treatment was what was truly happening and at the end of the meeting her halo was white and her chakras balanced.

Gidi Levitan


Hi Oriella, my patient in Omega came back to Israel after a year in India and told me that her menstrual cycle was irregular and she barely got her cycle in the period of time she was in India.

I treated her with all sorts of tools (Omega tools) and what released it was drilling energy into her womb, and I saw that in her past life she had a miscarriage after being chased by British soldiers in the eighteenth century and getting a serious injury after falling on a stone. With treatment I healed what she went through in her past life. Rebekah Agat Kenan


“I never had a regular menstrual cycle and when I was 17 my doctor recommended I start take birth control to regulate my cycle. From the age of 17 until 25 I took birth control but the moment I stopped, I didn’t get my period.

For a year and a half I didn’t get my period- at all!!! I meditated (with the help of Omega energy) with the intention of getting my period and after 21 days exactly I got it!

I emphasize the 21 days, because it shows that the day I started Omega, exactly that day I got my period. Amazing!”



Dear Oriella, ever since I studied Omega, I use the method on myself and on patients and see miracles.

Two years ago a thirty year old married man married for four years came to me.

His problem was with anxiety attack that resembled to panic attacks.

He went through physiological treatment for a year and psychiatric treatment. At a certain stage he went through a breakdown and was sent to me. He came to me highly medicated, scared, anxious, frustrated he didn’t have children, scared to go to work and also at work he was afraid to go alone to the manager or even to the bathroom.

After our meeting and his horrible state of mind, we agreed to meet twice a week for NLP treatments and guided imagery combing Omega. He made an effort to come, but what I found out was that with me he left with high energies and when he came to the next meeting his energy was lower.

I explained to him there were issues because I charge him with energy and balance him out, but his medication depress him and lower his energy. In the morning he can barely wake up to work because the pills make him drowsy. We continued the treatment and I recommended he go to a doctor and lower the amount of pills he take. Of course he didn’t tell his psychiatrist about the treatment he was going through with me so he wouldn’t be angry (he was very aggressive towards him).

The man was in a combination of treatments for a year, and afterwards treated him only with Omega. The result- the man significantly lowered his amount of medication, he had twins, was promoted at work, and feels confident when he flies.

At a certain stage we agreed that he was stable (he came once every two three months), he took only one out of the six pills he used to take, and I haven’t heard from him in a while. I had many patients with anxiety attacks that fully functioned.

Another story. A friend of mine came to a meeting before her mastectomy surgery.

She was confused and very nervous. One doctor told her to have a local private surgery, and another told her to do a double mastectomy because at the age of 55 it’s very acceptable. In the Omega treatment I saw she had a small tumor that you can treat at any local hospital and there was no need to do it privately, but it was completely her decision. She left calm and decided to do a private surgery. The result- the doctor was shocked from the small tumor. Today she is healthy and fully functioning.

Mira Soul Eliuz

The Omega course for me is freedom. My inner freedom to change my life according to my deepest needs.

After the first meeting I started treating  people and the results were amazing.

The most common things people came for were different pains that people are used to live with: back, head, and right when they finished the treatment they felt less pain and many said the pain completely disappeared after only one meeting!

For me the emotional deep work that this tool allows is a revelation for me. The ability to touch the emotion in such a clear simple way, and the quick way that this is translated to our lives is the magic of these tools filled with love.


Omega for me is a gift of life!!! A wonderful tool for life that allows me to take responsibility and help myself. In the psychical healing, internal healing such as fears, mental blocks, and believing my inner child guides me every day in all aspects of life allows me to magnetize prosperity in my life.

It brought happiness, love and harmony to my life and helped me focus in my professional life. I activate magnetic energy on my close family and guide my children when they are far away.

I treat and help those around me with health issues and know that from here I can only grow and aid many with the help of Omega. A big thank you filled with energy and love

Yael V.


The meeting with Omega energy was very powerful for me. Every meeting I was amazed from its power and usefulness.

The simplicity of the connection and its power of healing is what it brings to the table.

For months since Omega classic I felt an improvement with my health and my abilities to treat from near-by and far away.

The Omega brought me closer to my own authentic self and I was encouraged to walk bravely on my own path. During the course I felt a sort of freedom from barriers, emotions and beliefs that held me back and I experienced feelings of spiritual elevation and love towards our creator and towards myself.

A lot of thanks to Oriella for this gift and on this bright path that you led me on, Hugs Orna K.

Dear Oriella, Thank you for the exciting and empowering journey. I feel that I contributed and empowered myself, as a caregiver and as a teacher, and mainly with my mission.

Omega integrates wonderfully with other methods and I already see results and miracles with my patients. The feeling of empowerment and the ascent of your personal frequency seeps into my work, also into my treatment with others.

I’m curious to see more and ready for surprises that have yet to be seen. Love and appreciations thank you Talia P.- Teta healing


Dear Oriella, being in your Omega course is a multi-layer experience for me.  The connection to the Omega frequencies, in the energetic aspect, and also the experience of empowerment in a group, belonging and the framework for me is the most important aspect in my life.

I am a spiritual teacher and caretaker for many years and can “put my finger” on the strength of my work with the energetic frequency and the Omega tools!

Thank you, thank you for being you and thank you for what you bring with you!

Elior A.


Simplicity, modesty, happiness, being receptive, and energy wrapped up in endless love and tenderness. I am eternally grateful for everything.


The Omega method and all its “layers”, from the classic method through magnetism and onwards, allows a person to charge up in amazing energies and have an array of tools to magnetize yourself towards your mission in life and magnetize good qualities, experiences, feelings and worldly “things” and to empower our journey.

Amazing Oriella, gentle, big hearted, talented and an amazing communicator. The experience of being a part of the Omega course was an experience unity, being in a group and feeling a part of it, to feel comfortable to open up and empower yourself. The experience is to be a part of a group but to still be a unique singular being and to get attention and a lot of love from Oriella. I look forward to continue empowering myself in all the seminars and “the sky’s the limit”.

Thank you Thank you Thank you


The Omega magnetizing course is an empowering experience that creates a space for miracles in your life. Amazing meditation creates a change in our understanding and practical consciousness. A group atmosphere that is supporting, understanding and incorporates you into a group community. The course takes you to many unplanned places, but alas they are right ones.

Love Yuval


The Omega magnetizing course is very powerful. In the course I gained tools to store into my tool box- empowering tools with a divine heavenly energy.

I experienced meditation at a very high energy rate. Omega magnetized situations to my life that confirmed lots of dilemmas and increased my personal frequency and confirmed Omega and the knowledge in the existence of a divine being. Everything is simply accessible but with it also empowering.

Thank you thank you thank you

**There are many testimonies, this is only a small portion of them.  


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Tips and tools to fulfill your dreams

Tips- for a life of happiness, fulfillment and joy

By: Oriella Paz-Maureen

At this day, it is important to find inner focus, organization and innovation.

Here are 12 practical tips:

  1. Know that we are in a lesson that we are supposed to be in. Know that nothing is a coincidence. Every reality that we experience- teaches us something new. Be more aware to the sign language of life. Trust in the process of life. Be thankful for what you have.
  2. Many people find inner strength because of distress and difficulties. Believe that you are capable. Believe you have strength and power.
  3. Ask yourself: What is the meaning of my life? What values lead my life? What is my unique stamp and I want to leave others? What is my vision? Act accordingly.
  4. Feel which emotions you want to release from your body: fear, worry, frustration, judgement, shame, rage, helplessness, stress- flow into this area lots of thoughts of love.
  5. Implement guided imagery or meditation- it silences your inner system and lets you connect to your original strengths and insight.
  6. Find a way to be giving. Give and grant things to others. When we grant, we broadcast to our subconscious that we aren’t a victim of circumstance. Granting upon others allows you to connect to your inner power, strength and fulfillment.
  7. Connecting from a new place of understanding and support to people who are dear to us or others. Learn to connect with other people from new perspectives. Open you heart. Remember: every power or stamp that you see before you mirror a power or stamp that is inside you. This is the time to look deep within using these mirrors.
  8. Learn how to train your power of consciousness and activate the rules of magnetism in order to fulfill your heart’s desire. Know that this is possible. Many people are currently doing this, so can you! Wave your magic wand. Don’t hang up your hope for the future. Create it now.
  9. For there to be change…you need to make a change! You can expect to keep thinking, feeling and acting like you always did, and expect for there to be a change in your life. If you haven’t succeeded in creating your desired reality, it’s a sign you need to change your “program”. Buy tools for to change the program to your life.
  10. Find yourself a personal trainer, coach, teacher or mentor. Even the most professional masseuse can’t give himself a back massage. Organize your priorities, a massage for your soul. This allows a way of life that is extraordinary.
  11. Allow yourself to think out of the box, out of the structure that you studied in school, your home and society. Be open to a new super sensual structure including our five senses. You can practice this and the aspect of a forest of life filled with birds. You can save yourself the struggles of your path in life from this moment on. Things we see from that point we can’t see from this one.
  12. What to do? Just do! If you implement these tips as comings and goings, nod your head and go on your way, you aren’t embracing these changes into your life. The fear- paralyzes. The work- promotes you. Find something small that you can carry out every day or every week to move your life forward. Do as such.

Yours with love,

Oriella Paz-Maureen

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